Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dual Cam Photo: Put the photographer in the picture!

Dual Cam Photo (DCP) is a camera app that captures photos using the Rear and Front cameras with a single click. One of the many possible usage scenarios for this app is explained below.
Usage Scenario:
  1. User: Camera user at a party
  2. Problem: User wants to be in the photos s/he clicks
  3. Solution: A dual-camera app for simultaneous capture of photos from the front and rear camera
  4. Happy user with a side-by-side photo

The picture below shows how a Dual Cam Photo helps photographers convey a much better story with their pictures.
The photo of my wife and me can mean "We are together" or "We are happy". The "Aloha" photo alone could mean "I love Hawaii" or "I love the artwork at the airport".
But when captured and merged with Dual Camera Photo, it presents a very complete and interesting story: "My wife and I are vacationing at Hawaii and we are excited about it".

The photographer is in the picture with his/her priceless expression at the time of capturing the photo!

Capturing such photos requires just a single click on Dual Cam Photo!

Camera Preview Screen:
The app has a main screen which shows the camera preview. Users can slide left or right to cycle between the front and rear camera previews.

When the user clicks the capture button (either on the screen or the physical camera button), DCP springs into action and performs a series of actions listed below:
  • Capture the image for the current camera
  • Switch the preview to the next camera
  • If the user has not changed the delay to 0, DCP waits for 3 or 5 seconds for the user to adjust the view of the next screen
  • Capture the image for the other camera
  • Merge both images depending on the resolutions of each camera:
    • If a common resolution is selected, the photos are merged side-by-side:
    • If the rear camera resolution is different than the front camera resolution, the photos are merged as a picture-in-picture style image with the front camera image at the top-right corner of the rear camera image.
    •  Picture-In-Picture image:
  • Save the merged photo to the phone's picture album
  • Load the image in the Image Viewer for the user to see and share

Image viewer:
The image viewer provides basic image viewing functionality such as viewing and zooming the image. 

The share button on the image viewer lets the user share the photo using Windows Phone's share options. The user can also load other pictures from the Phone's picture album using the "Photos" button.

Settings screen:
In the settings screen, users can change the default settings such as Flash, camera resolution, shutter sound etc.

Help Screen:
The help screen provides information about all buttons and each setting configurable in the settings screen.

Dual Cam Photo works with the minimum set of rights and permission required for it to work. DCP does not need access to the user's location data or any other personal information such as social media accounts because it uses Windows Phone's built-in sharing options. Using Windows Phone's "Tasks" for these purposes prevents DCP from having any access to the user's personal information and creates a very safe and trust-worthy experience for the user.

Have fun and start changing the way the world captures photographs by putting the photographer in the picture and let your photos convey a more complete story!

For updated information about the app, visit Dual Cam Photo for Windows Phone 8

Here's a description of Dual Camera Photo on the Radio:


The app is available on the Windows Phone Store:

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